Belonging & engagement

According to a study by DecisionWise, the most important factor that drives engagement is a sense of belonging.
It is recommended to foster a sense of belonging not only in the respective team, but in the entire organization.

I can help you develop strategies to create a deep sense of belonging, purpose and impact in your workplace or any other community.


I offer these 2 workshops:

Both workshops include the theory of community building and belonging + training in 12 key skills that you can use not only in facilitating ERGs, but in any leadership activity.

I am a facilitator in training the Community Building Method, developed by Dr. Scott Peck, M.D. and enhanced by Edward Groody.

Belonging increases engagement in the workplace

“I feel that
I belong here.”

The most important factor that brings employee engagement is a sense of belonging.

DecisionWise study (n=50 million), 2023


A sense of belonging in the workplace can increase employee performance by up to 56% and reduce the risk of turnover by up to 50%.

BetterUp Study, 2023


51% of employees cited not feeling a sense of belonging at work as the top reason for quitting their jobs.

McKinsey & Company study, 2021

and trust

The 3 most important factors that bring employee satisfaction and wellbeing are acceptance, trust and a sense of achievement.

various University of Oxford studies, 2023


What is belonging?

According to DecisionWise, the following
5 ingredients have a sense of belonging
in the workplace:

  • I feel included and accepted,
  • I feel that my opinions are heard and that someone really cares,
  • I can form deep and meaningful social connections,
  • I feel connected not only to the people in my team, but I feel that I am part of something bigger – a whole organisation whose values are aligned with mine,
  • I feel that my organisation has a (positive) future that I can actively contribute to, the organisation is counting on me for the future.

To increase the feeling of belonging, current team leaders should mainly be connectors with other teams in the organisation. They should look at the inputs and outputs of their team and present them in the context of the whole organization.

Community workshops

Maslow's pyramid
of needs

Fractional community management

DEIBA: Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, Belonging & Accessibility

Diversity means having a seat at the table, Inclusion means having a voice and Belonging means that voice is heard.

Belonging increases engagement in the workplace


Only 21% of employees are actually engaged.

Source: Gallup study, 2022


Sense of belonging in the workplace reduce the number of sick days to 75%.

Source: BetterUp Study, 2023


Up to 74% of employees say they are much more effective when they feel listened to.

Source: Forbes


Only 6% of managers understand that a sense of belonging is a major factor that influences happiness at work.

Source: University of Oxford, 2023

“Engagement is not a characteristic of the employee, but an experience and an experience that is created by the company, the manager and the team members.”

Source: University of Oxford, 2023

Community consulting

What makes you feel a sense of belonging at work?